"we swab smart"*

*"We swab smart"For the hollow glass industry

Novaxion offers leading equipment and software


Novaxion offers leading equipment and software in the automatic glass production and machine swabbing. Because of machine interaction today’s operators are exposed to risks, This is one of the biggest advantage of using a robot.

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Since the early Y 2000 Novaxion Gathering Robots have acquired the reputation of worldwide leaders in the semi automatic and high end glass production. A new, friendly operator software has been developed for the gathering operation, offering additionnal functions for the end-users and adding possibilities of adjustments. All of this leads to making top quality in semi automatic glass production.

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We thank our customers in the glass industry who have relied on us for many years.

Novaxion Swabbing Robots SR200 are working in many glass production lines all over the world. Tested and proven, our robots provide many benefits to the glassworks.

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