The story begins in 1988 when Christophe DUPLAN, graduate engineer from INSA (Lyon, France), got the mission to develop a Ball-Gatherer Robot.

Christophe Duplan
Christophe Duplan

Instead of starting from scratch and develop a new robot for this, Christophe DUPLAN had the idea to adapt an industrial robot for the glass gathering. The main advantages were : reduced costs, high level technological capacities, simple to program, flexibility, and an after-sale service yet existing all over the world.
in 1992, Christophe DUPLAN decided to settle a new company called CYBERGLASS Robotics.
They chose as a partner the company FANUC Robotics, the world leader in the field of robots manufacturing.

In the early Y2000 New gathering robots was developed, operating from 4 to 6 axis.In July 2004, Christophe DUPLAN settled a new company on its own: NOVAXION.

The partnership with FANUC Robotics was maintained,

NOVAXION has developed 6 models of ball-gatherer robots:<

  • 4 axis models, gathering from 4 to 10 Kg of glass.
  • 6 axis models, gathering from 2 to 6 Kg of glass.

In 2005, NOVAXION has successfully developed a new automatic device for the glass bottles manufacturers : the Swabbing Robot SR200 replaces manual swabbing for swabbing the blank molds on IS machines.

In 2019 C. Duplan decided to sell the company Novaxion which has been acquired by Rondot Group a worldwide French leader and supplier to the Glass industry.

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