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Novaxion offers

leading equipment and software in the automatic glass production and machine swabbing.Because of machine interaction today’s operators are exposed to risks, This is one of the biggest advantage of using a robot.
Features & Benefits
  • Automatic swabbing offers consistency, repeatability, precision and speed in the action of swabbing blank molds. The automation gives the operator more time for “bottle making”.
  • The consistency gives much tighter process control.
  • The repeatability and precision provides less rejects.
  • Extremely small amount of lubricant, provides less contamination to the glass, thus minimize the rejects after swabbing, giving in return better machine/production output.
  • Extended moulds: Life time Glass makers report an elongated life time of moulds. The process of spraying the lubricant is more gentle to the moulds.
  • Less lubricant and automatic swabbing generates less fumes and keep the operator away from the area of swabbing, thus preserving his health and increasing his safety.
The competitive advantages of Novaxion Swabbing Robot
More than 120 Novaxion Swabbing Robots are successfully installed around the world.
With over 18 years experience, Novaxion Swabbing Robot can claim an history of success that is difficult to match.
  • Flexible installation

Novaxion is flexible with the type of robot and assembly required, allowing it to adapt to all existing IS machines.

  • Competitive price

Novaxion Swabbing Robot is sold at a very competitive price. Ask us for study and quote through your local representative.

  • Saving and ROI

Novaxion Swabbing Robot allows savings and offers many benefits as per detail hereafter.
Novaxion’s experience can draw meaningful conclusions about the quick payback of its robot:
The increase of the “pack to melt” ratio from 2 to 5% added to many savings and benefits enable a return on investment within 1 year to 1.5 year!
Time and space savings for Novaxion Robots during the installation of the swabbing robot:
Novaxion Swabbing robot’s mechanical installation only needs 30 minutes of machine downtime.
The installation of Novaxion robot does not require the installation of a whole new blank panel , thus saving several hours of downtime. The Set-up is Mold dependent quick to set up and multi product compatible section by section.

  • Operator’s interface

Novaxion has launched a new Operator’s interface
Novaxion has a user-friendly touchscreen HMI with several access levels (operators, process engineer).
It allows to use multiple functions, save bottles profiles, simple errors display, change log and log-in history, etc.

  • Certifications

Novaxion Swabbing Robots are CE and UL certified.

  • Safety

Safer use with Novaxion Robots:
Several levels of safety are built in the Novaxion Robot. By experience and history the solution has confirmed to be extremely safe and perfectly suitable to the Glass plant environment.
Novaxion Swabbing Robot is equipped with specific safety software (virtual barrier) + a laser scanner + light barriers.

  • Lubricants

More lubricant savings for Novaxion + use of any kind of lubrication:
Novaxion Swabbing Robot allows more lubricant savings : it uses 85% less lubricant than manual swabbing.
Additionally, Novaxion has the option to use any oils regardless of their viscosity, meaning specific oils can be used for each type of production (NNPB, P-B, B-B, etc.).

  • Performances

Better swabbing performance with Novaxion Robot:
Novaxion Swabbing Robot swabs an entire section in a single cycle (without gob reject – swabbing on the fly). Cycle time for a full 10-section machine lasts less than 2 minutes.
Very high lubrication precision for Novaxion Robots:
Novaxion uses a simple, effective, inexpensive and easy-to-maintain spraying system.
Novaxion Swabbing Robot’s spraying tool permits targeted application across the entire upper portion of the mould, a large range of lubrication bracket and tooling is available.

  • Mold and neck ring swabbing

Novaxion uses a specific cycle that can be configured over time, with an option for the operator to swab the blow-moulds at the same time that the robot swabs the blank moulds and neck-rings.
Novaxion offers full configuration over several swabbing points inside the moulds (blank and neck-rings).

  • Novaxion has the patented feature of mold close swabbing

The adjustment of swabbing positions, speeds and oil quantities in specific parts of the moulds, constitutes a swabbing profile for a given production.