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Since the early Y 2000

Novaxion Gathering Robots have acquired the reputation of worldwide leaders inthe semi automatic and high end glass production.A new, friendly operator software has been developed for the gathering operation, offering additionnalfunctions for the end-users and adding possibilities of adjustments. All of this leads to making topquality in semi automatic glass production.
Features & Benefits
  • Wider installation range for the gathering robot versus a slow feeder system which can be installed only on a constant level furnace (Excluding day-tanks and pot furnaces).
  • Installation of a gathering robot is straight forward. As compared to a slow speed feeder. Gathering Robot eliminates clearing orifice rings, no gob regulation and thermal stabilization of the feeder.
  • Gathering Robot help saving cost in job changes. Each machine stop for maintenance, breakdown or production change, causes important glass losses.
  • No need of Orifice rings make the Gathering robots more flexible in article sizes and in general production flexibility.
  • Larger range of operation as the Gathering Robots do not limit the Glass weight as a slow feeder does.
  • Glass gatherer robot acting as a human work enables to obtain the quality of articles similar to hand made.