New valve block

This is a very important step for Novaxion to promote the new version of the valve block supported version NX-VR-300:
From May 2021 a new package of the Valve block mounted version of swabbing Robot is now available under the name of NX-VR-300.

Compact design, the new NX-VR-300 is light and yet embarks all the safety pneumatic and hydraulic devices.

Nouveau Bloc Valve

The New NX-VR-300 fits all type of IS machines equipped with a Valve block support.
The cable chain can run above the overhead panel or be integrated in the panel itself.
The NX-VR-300 can serve single or tandem machines.

Novaxion can integrate all IS machine with various configurations. It automatically swabs the moulds AND the neck ring and can provide swabbing on-the-fly within one section cycle with no rejects.